Pioneering fresh, earthy flavors."

About Us

Lumber House Brewery

We enjoy making great tasting beer and sharing it with our community. Our goal is to make the best beer you’ve ever tasted, buy local, sell local and grow with our community.

Our brewery is located on a rural farm in Hobart/ Maple Valley, WA. We pride ourselves on producing the most delicious hand crafted small batch brews using the finest ingredients from the pacific northwest.



Our latest award:

Established in 2014, Lumber House Brewery was founded by Jacob and Melissa Earl after years of craft brewing for personal use. Those early small batch craft beers were refined into the wonderful commercial beers now produced at Lumber House Brewery. Many things have changed over the years but striving for great taste has always been the primary goal. We hope you enjoy our beers now and in the years to come.
Lumber House Brewery has been awarded the silver medal this year at the 2017 Northwest Beer Festival held in  Redmond, Washington. We received the award for Just-The-Tip Pale Ale, one of our more unique brews. Using our Timber Pale Ale as a base, we slightly alter the recipe to include local fir tips. Depending on the time of year the fir tips were harvested, you may get hints of nuttiness, subtle sun roasted zest, or even a robust mouth complimented & balanced with a smooth sweetness.


  1. Jacob Earl
    Jacob Earl
    Owner, Head Brewer
  2. Melissa Earl
    Melissa Earl
    Owner, CEO