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Pioneering fresh,
earthy flavors."
  1. Tasting Room
    Tasting Room
    Lumber House Brewery, LLC- Tasting Room- Featuring the industrial history of our beautiful town of Maple Valley, WA.
  2. Taster Trays
    Taster Trays
    Lumber House Brewery, LLC- Taster Trays- Hand crafted in house with New Backwoods Workshop. From the storm fallen milled wood base to the antler sheds from local deer/ elk handles; each tray is individually constructed with love.
  3. 14 Taps
    14 Taps
    Lumber House Brewery, LLC- Taps- Another hand crafted work of art designed and forged in house with New Backwoods Workshop!
Our Brewery
Lumber House Brewery, LLC. Pioneering Fresh and Earthly Flavors!

We are currently only open on Saturdays and occasionally for special events. We are kid and pet friendly. Visit our Events page to view upcoming events and breaking news. 

Our brewery is located on a rural farm in Hobart/ Maple Valley, WA. We pride ourselves on being a unique venue with some of the most delicious hand crafted small batch brews. Our Tap Room and Brew House were developed to feature the local history and local passions.  Come and share in the small town vibes and enjoy some wonderful handcrafted ales. 

Hours Of Operation
SATURDAY 12:00 - 5:00


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